Vicki Skinner 
(aka “THE Sarong Goddess”)

from a 6 month Pet Sitting gig in Mexico City - 
here for you & your Fur Babies!!!!

Helping your babies feel SECURE & LOVED while you're away

Fur Babies that freak out from Thunder, Fireworks & strong winds.
Spoiled pampered babies 
Fur-babies that need extra attention because of physical or medical issues
because your babies receive:
•  2-10+* MASSAGES a DAY
•  Get to sleep with me (if that's their norm)
•  Receive LOTS of Time • POSITIVE Reinforcement
Words •
Feedback • LOVE & MORE!!!

Please email me your DETAILED Request
explaining your situation & needs (including feeding times, challenges, medicines, "issues"/potential challenges), dates (& if there's some flexibility with it), ease of getting around, location, etc. (there's no such thing as too much information to me!!  I LOVE clarity!).  Have any pictures??!!
Email me at:


LovingYourPetHouseSitting.com  •  fb.com/LovingYourPetHouseSitting

You go away & have to leave them - that alone can get MANY pets•Fur Babies confused, depressed &/or traumatized

Put them in a new environment – especially a cramped kennel or a cage where they can't be free to roam & receive lots of attention like they're used to - or deserve –
or where they're out with other pets if your baby isn't so social -
that can REALLY trigger things in them!

You can lessen that trauma by leaving your loved one(s) in
their OWN environment•home•bed with someone that TRULY LOVES & CARES for them & will give them LOTS of love & positive attention & help them feel SECURE as well as respect your home.

Fur Families•Pets•Animals are such GREAT teachers to us!
#1 - They remind us about what UN-Conditional Love REALLY is!!!
#2 - They’re there for us whenever WE’RE needing some extra lovin’!!!  Usually you don’t have to do a darn thing to get that from them!
Don't they DESERVE that extra loving while you're away??

Have your or your friends past experiences with Pet•House Sitters been less than what you expected - or worse?
Were they the type that basically just feed them & pat them on the head a few times?
Don't they deserve a REALLY POSITIVE experience??!! 
I know having me staying & hanging with them in their own home/bed would help a LOT with that transition & sure would help you have a more joy-filled time away plus make your return something to look forward to vs worrying about them being angry with you for leaving them with someone that didn't care as much si??


Everyone has what works for them - their style. 
Because of my "Connection" with "animals" of all kinds & how much I give -
I WAY PREFER helping families that see their 4 legged friends NOT just as "pets" but as their FAMILY - their Fur Babies!!

(kids & animals "get" my energy.  This was my "Spaz Buddy" - a wild squirrel that would literally come up & take almonds out of my mouth or bananas off my arm!!
I just don't have fear around people or fur babies!)

If you don't want your babies spoiled so much - that's cool - just let me know in advance!  I'll respect your desires!


I GET & RESPECT what ALL they do for us hence I HONOR that in them – ESPECIALLY in times they’re confused as to why you’re suddenly not there for them!



MY SPECIALTY - each fur baby•pet gets
2-10 MASSAGES each day!!
(Those that get more massages are the ones that are allowed to come up on the bed with me -
ONLY if YOU allow it!!)

And because I get so close to them, that means
I'm also checking daily for Ticks & Fleas!!!



If they're used to sleeping with you - I’m TOTALLY ok with that.
It's ALL about helping them feel more secure!!!
(if it is NOT ok with you, I will NOT let them on the bed or couch!!!)


(Chester kept coming up & getting on my computer - wanting
MORE MORE MORE Vicki Massages!!)

I'm a "Connector" that LOVES to gather & share information & help where I can!!!  For over 8 years I've been the author of the well known/widely read Costa Rica information blog
which is what I'm working on when I'm not lovin' on your babies!
I work from wherever I am via the internet (you MUST have good reliable WiFi!!) so I'm home with your babies almost always - 24/7 - to give them PLENTY of Love, Time & Attention
(sometimes I DO go out for a rare activities•connection•market, check out the area or something - ALL depending on what's cool with you!).

This adds to their feeling secure & your sense of security for your home!

(NOTE:  My blog gets over 15,000 page views a month which makes me quite known around Costa Rica - & after living in Costa Rica for 11 years [& the Sarasota•Venice, Florida area before CR & I grew up in California] - I'm not going anywhere & surely not going to do something to jeopardize my reputation!!)


Do you have a Pet that Freaks Out from THUNDER • FIREWORKS • WINDS?
If your answer is "Yes" - then you know how these things can traumatize your babies!
I'm your gal as I have developed a GIFT•Talent•special energy of being able to help calm pets that FREAK OUT from
them & I ESPECIALLY PREFER to help families with those issues during those seasons.

I've developed some VERY SPECIAL skills & techniques that can help pets through their fears from Fireworks • Thunder & Wind by incorporating:
  •  Calmness in myself
•  Giving them a BIG STURDY FRESH Bone
(to distract them while I'm setting everything up [IF that's ok with you!])

•  Calming or high energy Music
(to distract them.  Music choice depends on their reaction) 

•  Closing all curtains

•  Turning all lights on
•  Essential Oils
(in the room & on their paws & ears.  I ONLY use doTerra Therapeutic grade oils!!)

•  Wrapping them TIGHTLY in their blanket &/or even better - something with your scent on it
•  Holding them tightly & close to my heart
•  I even have a large AND an Extra Large Thunder Shirt we can try.

If you let me know ahead of time I will bring my "Magic Bag of Tricks"!!

Since Fireworks tend to go off throughout the night during the month of December & Thunder 24/7 sometimes in Rainy Season - I put out LOTS of energy & time that goes into helping calm your baby down & I often don't get much sleep - but it's NOT about me - it's about helping your FurBaby feel SAFE & SECURE since you're not there to give them that comfort!!!

So if you're seeking someone that REALLY wants to help your baby feeling safe & secure during this time, you'll email me explaining your DETAILED situation (I haven't always been given the truth up front so I appreciate your honesty) & your offer!!!



I've been there to help with everything from:
•  Taking daily medication - even hard to take meds fur babies (crunchy peanut butter so far has worked EVERY time!!) 
•  I've helped nurse a sweet baby back to life that was on his last days of life suffering from Ehrlichia - even giving her water syringes every 5 minutes for 12 hours 
•  Dedicated MANY hours a day to helping pups that had everything from serious stomach problems, wounds, kidney problems, liver problems, heart problems & more 
•  I've given LOTS of last love & attention to a couple "old gals" before they crossed the Rainbow Bridge 
•  I dealt with & saved too many dogs that had licked poisonous Sapos•Toads (now I know a LOT about how to deal with this BIG problem in Costa Rica) 
•  I was at the hospital 2-5 hours a day for 5 days giving Batman his last days of love & attention & held him as he took his last breath after he had licked a Sapo/Toad & was alone for 2 hours.

WhatEVER I can do to help your babies feel more comfortable while you're away - I'm there for them & you!!

(NOTE:  I am NOT medically trained & I do NOT how to give shots yet but could learn if I needed to)


Depending on what you don't have & what you feel could be helpful, I have some goodies I can bring - Grooming Mitt  •  doTerra Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils (Lavender Oil is one of the BEST things I've found to help calm a freaking out furbaby!!) & Rescue Remedy  •  a strong larger Retractable Leash for walks


be it to pets or people!!!  Through the day your baby(ies) will get LOTS of that!!!



I've helped MANY puppies (& even older dogs) learn all sorts of new skills•tricks•patterns - even to help calm them down.
I've helped a few dogs learn not only to Sit nicely when waiting for food - but to WAIT until they got the "OK" "signal"
(NOTE - I am NOT a professional "Trainer" but if you do see a noticable difference because of the extra time & attention I've given your baby, I welcome you to show your appreciation for that$$$)


Many parents get their own Separation Anxiety so if you can get on a computer with Skype.com you can call whenever you want so you can connect with your babies.
(I can even help you set it up if you don’t have it)


I can help keep their schedule be it walking them (actually, because I have a torn meniscus in my knee, this is depending on the environment & animal as I can't really do hills, uneven or gravel streets or lively or hard to manage dogs), medications (I've even assisted some VERY ILL "babies" at their end with devoted attention) & I give them EXTRA love/attention by holding•helping them through the separation.


IF they allow it, I can give them a warm bath the day you arrive.
(I find when I give warm baths, they're usually QUITE agreeable to it - even those that normally in the past were strong resisters!!  Nice calm music & constant positive languaging telling them how "Beautiful they are" & how mommy & daddy are going to be so happy to see their nice clean baby & such helps a LOT!!  Heck, I've even had some big time resisters just walk on in [ok - so a ball thrown in the shower helped as well!!])

If you leave me a QTip & they let me, I'll clean out in the inside of their ears (just the inner surface)

(*NOTE these are ADDITIONAL SPECIAL SERVICES so inquire about pricing for it.  I am NOT a groomer!)


How many Pet Sitters do you know that share SOOOO MUCH with your babies•pets?
(this is why MOST of my families are Returnees - or Referrals from Returnees!)

You want them to be there for you & love on you don't you?
Don't your pets•"Family Members" DESERVE this type of special treatment when you've had to go away?


Don’t feel comfortable with your home sitting there unattended?

Need someone JUST to HOUSE SIT???  
I'll come in – stay at your home - & take GOOD care of it 

(I rarely go out as I do my work off the internet)? 
I’ll respect & watch over your home•castle•possessions
(& trust me, I will NOT go snooping around
[I had a mom that did that so I know how that feels!] nor will I have anyone over [unless you've given permission - that that's RARE!!])!

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