Vicki Skinner 
(aka “THE Sarong Goddess”)

from a 6 month Pet Sitting gig in Mexico City - 
here for you & your Fur Babies!!!!

Helping your babies feel SECURE & LOVED while you're away

Fur Babies that freak out from Thunder, Fireworks & strong winds.
Spoiled pampered babies 
Fur-babies that need extra attention because of physical or medical issues
because your babies receive:
•  2-10+* MASSAGES a DAY
•  Get to sleep with me (if that's their norm)
•  Receive LOTS of Time • POSITIVE Reinforcement
Words •
Feedback • LOVE & MORE!!!

Please email me your DETAILED Request
explaining your situation & needs (including feeding times, challenges, medicines, "issues"/potential challenges), dates (& if there's some flexibility with it), ease of getting around, location, etc. (there's no such thing as too much information to me!!  I LOVE clarity!).  Have any pictures??!!
Email me at:


LovingYourPetHouseSitting.com  •  fb.com/LovingYourPetHouseSitting

Availability • Procedures
*"NORMALLY" I have a 10 to 14 day minimum
(ESPECIALLY July to mid-January - my busiest times since MANY people go away for the Rainy Season & especially because I SPECIALIZE in helping Fur Family that freaks out from Thunder)
if it's literally LAST MINUTE &/or backs up at least pretty close to another gig & I'm nearby,
I MAY be available - so just ask!!

AVAILABLE these Dates:
(My "bases" - where I stay in between gigs - are either in Escazu or Lindora.  While I'm there I often have some flexibility.  Even if I'm not available when you're seeking help, check out my "I am NOT Available" below to see if I'm in your area if you'd like to meet me about a future gig!  FYI - I have quite a few that haven't firmed up/made their deposit of their 50% gift to lock the dates in)

April 3-June 21
I'm currently in the San Isidro de General • Perez Zeledon area where I came to help coordinate a Voter Registration Drive for people from the U.S. at the Feria/Farmer's Market. 
Now I'm staying with friends in the area & I'll be at the feria on Thursday March 15 from around 8:30-11am.
I'll be back in Escazu March 24 but at an overnight gig from the 24th till around April 2 so I'm not available to overnight
BUT - I can go in & share some loving & feed your babies if you're in the Escazu area during Samana Santa•Easter..

My INTENTION is to revisit Mexico City for 1-2 months around May 4.  I'll keep you posted!


I am NOT Available:
(I'm sharing where I will be at in case you live nearby & want to meet me about a future gig!)

now till March 23 for anything
June 22-July 20
(I'll be in Pozos de Santa Ana during that time)



These are my Premium•Most requested times so I have a 15/day minimum & because these are the time frames where there are more break-ins (hence it's a more dangerous time for your house sitter), most things are closed (hence I'm more isolated) & especially Christmas/New Years (heck - the WHOLE MONTH of December) - fireworks are being set off every night & for hours on end - which can freak some pets out & I SPECIALIZE in helping CALM them them - hence I prefer to help those types of pets during this time - help them feel more secure.
Please be extra generous with your "Gift"

I am already reserved for Christmas & New Years in ESCAZU for overnights but I can at least stop in your home to feed & share some lovin' with your babies!



#1 - Trust me - I SOOOOO am NOT like ANY other Pet Sitter you've had!  I spend HOURS each day giving your babies LOTS of LOVE & ATTENTION, Massages, Play Time, Positive Reinforcement, Letting them Sleep with me (IF that's their typical pattern.  FYI - the MAJORITY of Pet Sitters I've known do NOT allow them to sleep with them [even if they say they do]!!!) & MORE!!! 

If your Baby is afraid of thunder, lightning or heavy wind - I have SPECIAL TECHNIQUES & Tools to help them - & I ESPECIALLY find HOLDING THEM works wonders - & can take hours.  I put my HEART into helping your Fur Baby(ies) feel as SECURE as they let me•I can while you're away!

I am SOOOOO NOT one of your average Pet Sitters that basically comes in, changes their water & gives them food, pats them on the head & say "Good boy/girl", maybe takes them for a walk
& leaves.

I'm more interested in helping families that understand that their Fur Babies are missing you and it breaks my heart when they're just left there alone or in an environment soooo different than what they're used to (especially if they're in a cage much of the day) & not getting much love & attention like they deserve.  

Unlike many people I've noticed that do Pet Sitting, I'm NOT doing this for a free place to stay or a place to take a break from.  I have 2 awesome "bases" I call home with good friends - one in Escazu by the Country Club & the other in Lindora in the heart of all the action - so beautiful as your home & its amenities are, I'm set for awesome places & locations. 
I do this because I TRULY LOVE & CARE about Fur Babies & their well being!!
I GET how MUCH they give you & am VERY CONCERNED about them!!

I'm finding most Vets or Pet Hotels charge:
CATS:  between $8-$10 - for EACH cat
DOGS:  between $15-$20+ for EACH dog
& those are NOT in the SAFETY of their own home & are OFTEN leaving them in a crate or cage most of the day - though some are in situations where they're out socializing with other pets - sometimes picking "things" up &/or potentially getting in fights/hurt.

So when you're considering how much you'd like to "Gift" me, I welcome you to take those EXTRA GIFTS I share with YOU!!!

The people I prefer to help are those that see their "pet" as a
FAMILY MEMBER - their Fur Family!!
& are seeking someone to do LOTS MORE than just feeding them, letting them out to walk & pat them on the head a couple times a day.

BUT - I can give less attention if that's what you prefer - YOU just need to be clear with me on what you desire.

With that said - EVERY situation/pet is special - not generic - hence I don't have a set•generic "Rate". 
I can be workable depending on what is required as well as your HONEST circumstances and what you have to offer•give back.

I do this because I TRULY LOVE these SPECIAL Spirits that bring you so much UNconditional love & I don't want to see them traumatized  when you're away.  ALL animals have some sort of abandonment issues since they were ripped from their mom's - especially Rescue babies.  Whatever I can do to help ease that fear of you not coming back - I'm there for them!!!

It all depends on what you think what I'm doing for your family is worth to you based on what all is required & what your true means are.  In other words - it's about you showing YOUR Appreciation for all I'm doing to help you & your family.

With ALL that said - I tend to get $10-$30 day on average
($10 tends to be just a house that I can come & go & no dramas around
&/or just an easy cat - where there's hardly anything to do)

You & your babies are not generic - you're SPECIAL - so let's create a custom plan for YOUR NEEDS - so let’s talk!

No matter what -
YOU ALWAYS at least


(I may be a big girl but the inside of my belly is not big so don't worry - I'm not going to eat you out of house & home!!)
& my
TRANSPORTATION to & from the gig

either you pick me up or you pay for a taxi or some form of transportation. 
If you're further away (usually from my Escazu base) - that could mean a bus, shuttle, or flight - BUT - you would pay my taxi (in advance) TO wherever that meets up (if by bus, that usually this means into San Jose - averaging around 7,500-c) plus the transportation from San Jose to where you are.

Payment is by day - NOT by night - starting with when I arrive (meaning if I need to arrive a day early to learn what to do, get familiar with your family, you have an early morning flight, etc.) & the day you return/I leave.

I do this by

"GIFTS"•"Donations"•"Love Offerings"

(that is agreed upon when reserving and I can choose to accept or refuse it depending on the circumstances)
So what is the value to YOU to have someone come in & give your pets•home LOTS of loving•time•caring (a good few hours +++ a day vs your average "Good dog/cat - here's your food" pat on their head as many pet sitters I hear do) - almost as much as they get from you??   
What can you HONESTLY afford?
  What do YOU think it’s worth?

Before you come up with what you're offering me, I welcome you to take into consideration what the majority of vets•pet hotels are charging these days - mainly to keep them in an enclosed space or worse - a small cage with little or no human interaction. 

I’ve even done it as a “Trade” for other services that I can use to trade/sell off.  
I’ve had 4 nights in a beautiful 4 bedroom villa in Manuel Antonio plus $400 in Spa Credits.

Many in Costa Rica have Gifted me anything from $20-$40+ per day
(more especially if there is a fair amount of work/time put into it, puppies, medicine that's crucial & complicated to get down, walking [especially a couple/few times a day, ESPECIALLY harder to walk ones], more than 1 animal, a house I can't leave alone, more isolated/harder to get to/from, Rainy Season with extra clean-up from the mud, pets I HAVE to give medicine to throughout the day [or night], pets that freak out from Lightening or Fireworks during those seasons, things I must stay on top of so your baby doesn't die like Sappo's [poisonous toads], snakes, etc., odd times to let them out where my sleep is disrupted [like 1-5am], I can't have the RARE [if ever] friend over, workers I need to supervise - or something more complicated.  I bring these up as many parents have their own patterns so they don't realize/remember something's outside the "norm" for your average person).

Some have gifted me just $10/day
(that tends to be for a TOTALLY UNcomplicated gig where I basically do my own thing - coming & going as I please - just kinda check on your already secure home a couple times a day – did not have to be there at all times – no workers to oversee/be there for,
 just 1 pet [usually a cat] that I only have to feed 1-2 times a day, a car (FYI - I have a driver license) in a convenient location, etc. 
PLUS FOOD [mainly housesitting – NO pets - NOTHING else to do])!

Some have TRULY had little/$0 extra money and couldn’t pay me but no matter what - you cover my food and transportation to/from of course.

After you've read through this site

•   Tell me about your Fur Family
(names, personalities, issues/situations, breeds, ages, times they get up/typically go to bed, what they tend to do during the day, at night, any quirkiness, potential challenges)

•   So what ALL is REALLY involved with your gig???
(the more detailed - the more honest)

•   Do you expect the sitter to pretty much be there 24/7 (especially guard your home as well)?

•   Is it Rainy Season - so there's extra extra mud cleaning involved?

•   Is it Sapo•poisonous frogs season • scorpions • snakes - especially poisonous - I need to REALLY be on-guard for &/or worry about - or worse - have to deal with your baby's being affected by them?

•   Or can they go about their regular life and are there mainly to let the animal in/out 1-2 times a day and feed the pet(s) (like for a cat) and give them lovin'? 

•   Is it a puppy/pet that pees or poops inside & requires lots of cleanup? 

•   Are they a shedder so extra work needing to keep the furniture & floor cleaned up (NOTE - I don’t do heavy cleaning so if it’s needed - you must have a house cleaner come in as MY #1 priority is your pets).

•   Do they require any medications

•   Do they require special homemade food prep 

•   If you take them to a Kennel – you’ll find that more than 1 dog of course is more money.

•   Puppies, massages/brushing, if you're required to spend more time with the animal like walking them (and how many times a day & how difficult are they to walk?), are they higher maintenance or larger dogs or un-housebroken pets, etc.

•   Is the sitter also there to keep an eye on the employees/deal with them??

•   The value of the property
area is also taken into the consideration as well - especially if you're worried about &/or have had break-ins.

•   Is the location convenient to shopping•getting around by bus•walking??

Many Kennel•Vets I've researched in Costa Rica (excluding rural areas) seem to charge:
$15-$20+ PER DAY - PER Dog (of course more for bigger dogs and each additional pet)
$10-$15+ PER DAY - PER Cat.
AND - those pets are often in a cage (or small fenced in kennels) and don’t get lots of one-on-one lovin’/attention.
Many charge EXTRA for Play Time, EACH Walk, Medication, Bath, brushing, special attention & I don't know any that give Massages!!+.
Dog Walkers I’ve seen in Costa Rica seem to range from $12-$15 each time for 45-60 minutes for the first dog (and more if it's a bigger or harder to control animals like Puppies. More for additional dogs).

In a Pet Hotel•Kennel - they surely get NO massages or sleeping with them time to help make them feel secure
& definitely no Skype calls!!!

I've done LOTS of research on this topic in Costa Rica and have found rates range anywhere from $0-$40/day - depending on what is required and what's given back. 

Some people (NOT ME) are doing this to have a free place to stay while they’re traveling around Costa Rica & they may not be around a lot since they’re often there to go explore your country.  Some locals do it for a break from their current living situation.
MOST people I help have had bad experiences in the past - hence why they're SOOOO HAPPY to have found me & why my returnee rate & referral is SOOOO HIGH!!!
Prices for Pet • House Sitters is a LOT less than the average $30-$100/day often paid in the U.S.!!

How much is it worth to you to have

Because of my blog that I've had for over 8 years which gets over 25,000 page views a MONTH as well as my involvement now or in the past in many groups in the community
(Women's Club  •  Newcomers  •  Democrats Abroad  •  I'm a Warden for the U.S. Embassy  •  CouchSurfers  •  Little Theatre Group as well as LOTS of Message Boards•Forums  & LOTS of Facebook Groups & Pages)
I'm not going to do anything to jeopardize my reputation - let alone flake out on you!!
The majority of my gigs are from returnees &/or friends of returnees - most of which have had challenges with Sitters in the past!!!!

With pet sitting I've also found standard is the
OWNER ORGANIZES & PAYS FOR ALL costs associated with TRANSPORTATION to get me to & from you.
•  You Pick me up & return me
•  You send a taxi•driver
•  You coordinate a Shuttle - or Rideshare
(check out my website entry on that:
•  I can come by bus or plane but YOU would pay my taxi from where I'm at (usually Escazu) into San Jose to catch the bus & any transportation needed once I arrive in the town closest to you.


Sadly MOST people I've been pet/house sitting for lately have had negative to HORROR stories in the past to share - everything from things being stolen (most common), moving their families/friends in without permission, their drawers/closets gone through, breaking things and not fixing them/paying for it, big international phone bills, throwing parties, not giving much attention to the pets (especially when they panic with thunder or fireworks - MY specialty) - so make sure you know something about the person that's watching your babies if you really care about them and want them to be as less traumatized as they can be!  
Hence why they're REALLY HAPPY to find me (most I've sat for multiple times!)!!

“Gift” does NOT mean
“I’m NOT paying you anything”

MOST of the time - though - there MAY be an exception depending on what you’re giving back to me as well.
(I've had some people claim to have limited funds - and then went on a $5,000 vacation or were having dinner parties serving lamb to friends while on vacation. Everyone has different levels of love for their pets & giving back).

what do you think it's worth to you to have such a loving, caring person -
&/or what can you TRULY afford to have this ease and level of service??
Let's talk! 



Because I've had some people had to cancel literally last minute (I understand - things happen - but it's not fair when I've honored & held your dates & usually turned down other opportunities) so now to secure me -
50% of your "GIFT" is due UP FRONT IMMEDIATELY
and the BALANCE is due upon my arrival!
(both preferably via PayPal (account - LovingYourPetHouseSitting@gmail.com)
USAA or Bank of America)

This helps BOTH of us KNOW•feel SECURE that we are ALL COMMITTED!!

The FULL AMOUNT is due before you depart on your trip.
Transportation Expenses are paid before I come.

If yours is a more complicated situation - please
REALLY show your appreciation!!

I understand that things happen but I've respected your time & have blocked the space to honor your time & take care of your Fur Babies. 
Unfortunately I've had it happen too many times - hence why I have the
50% Deposit policy to be put on the calendar - NO EXCEPTIONS!! 
Ultimately paid through PayPal
NOTHING is put on the calendar without that!!
IF you do need to cancel - I will reimburse your Deposit for the dates I'm able to replace & based on the gift THEY give me vs what you have -
LESS 25% (since I'll have to drop what I'm doing to replace that time).

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