Vicki Skinner 
(aka “THE Sarong Goddess”)

from a 6 month Pet Sitting gig in Mexico City - 
here for you & your Fur Babies!!!!

Helping your babies feel SECURE & LOVED while you're away

Fur Babies that freak out from Thunder, Fireworks & strong winds.
Spoiled pampered babies 
Fur-babies that need extra attention because of physical or medical issues
because your babies receive:
•  2-10+* MASSAGES a DAY
•  Get to sleep with me (if that's their norm)
•  Receive LOTS of Time • POSITIVE Reinforcement
Words •
Feedback • LOVE & MORE!!!

Please email me your DETAILED Request
explaining your situation & needs (including feeding times, challenges, medicines, "issues"/potential challenges), dates (& if there's some flexibility with it), ease of getting around, location, etc. (there's no such thing as too much information to me!!  I LOVE clarity!).  Have any pictures??!!
Email me at:


LovingYourPetHouseSitting.com  •  fb.com/LovingYourPetHouseSitting

What We Give • Desire

as I give LOTS of love & attention to them & it's not real fair if I'm giving them all this love that's new to them & I go away. 
There are LOTS of other Pet Sitters available for that.



We have used other pet sitters for our 3 dogs and they have been good, but Vicki is EXCEPTIONAL!!  She is excellent in all ways. VERY professional, responsible, knowledgeable and very positive and upbeat. 

First she has you fill out a thorough questionnaire. She wants to know everything about your animals, your home etc. to insure that she will be able to handle any situation that could occur. I was very impressed and reassured by this.

But the MOST IMPORTANT thing about Vicki is that your animals will get the BEST care possible. Vicki showers them with attention, gives them many massages all day long, Caters to all their unique needs.  How do I know this? We have a caretaker who lives on our property and two other employees on our farm.

Our caretaker tells us that he has seen Vicki lay on the floor and slide under the daybed to Massage our dog Cookie (she likes to lay there to keep cool) with her injured leg out for Vicki to massage (she has a fracture in her carpus).  She carries her up and down the stairs to take her to the bathroom when she can't walk down and stays close to her ALL day. 

Cookie is the main reason we need a dog sitter when we leave, as she was a rescue dog who suffered horrific abuse. She is very tentative with people, but she warmed up to Vicki immediately.   

Our other two, Yogi and Muñeca are more independent and connect with everybody, but they ESPECIALLY LOVE when Vicki comes. Our caretaker  shared that they line up for Vicki to give them massages and that Yogi is in ecstasy afterwords. 

Our employees think she is excellent!! She is very respectful and kind to them. They really love her brownies and she likes teaching them ways to make healthy treats like natural banana ice cream.

If you want someone that you can TRUST COMPLETELY, that you can leave with your precious fur babies and NOT WORRY for a second, then Vicki is for you!  I don't know of anyone else that even comes close to Vicki's 
Marsha - Puntarenas


“Hi all!
My name is Jaya, and I'm the proud Mom of 4 adorable dogs, ages ranging from 1.5-13 years. My husband and I moved with them to Costa Rica about a year ago.
We met Vicki while looking online for a solution for a 5 day vacation we needed.  Important to state that my dogs have never been in a "pet hotel", and the thought of leaving them in a cage at a strange place horrifies me..
One of the problems in living abroad is being far from your friends and family - and it's a challenge for the dogs as well. The people they knew for years and trusted aren't around, and they have only us.  So when traveling around CR, we had to do it separately so one of us was always home with them.
That is, until we met Vicki - who became their "person" in CR  :)

Vicki had an instant bond with them (and with us as well :),  asked for each of their special needs and likes, gave them tons of love and affection - we knew we've found the right person!

Of course when we went on our yearly vacation back to Israel - there was no question as to who we wanted to stay with our babies. It's priceless to know that your dogs are being cared for and LOVED when you are away.
After having some bad experiences with people who were not so committed (from small stuff like feeding them late, to not noticing for 2 HOURS that one of the dogs is missing), I am so grateful to have found Vicki, who I trust completely!

Another great thing about Vicki is the "coming back home" experience :)
She has stayed here 3 different time, and always when we come back the house is tidy and clean (not an easy job with 3 big white long haired dogs), the bedroom was aired and the dogs were clean, happy and even brushed! Even the laundry was done with fresh sheets on our bed!
So, I am using this platform first to thank Vicki for everything, and second - to let you all know what a gift it is to meet this wonderful woman - for you and your pets!

Thank you Vicki. We are all looking forward to seeing you again!"
Jaya & Nadav  -  Escazu & now San Isidro de General, Costa Rica
(I helped them 3 times)


As I came closer to the day of leaving Costa Rica for a couple of months to visit family, the thought of leaving my dogs became more and more difficult. When Vicki came to stay with me a couple of days before I left, I began to feel my anxiety slip away as I saw her with them. Vicki really related to the dogs, was seriously concerned about their diet and care, and gave them massages, which they absolutely loved (of course). She even won over my aggressive American bulldog. As Vicki explained to me, dogs can feel very confused and traumatized when their owners leave them and they don’t understand, so it is necessary to give them extra attention so they feel secure. Vicki was even willing to sleep with my dogs when I left so that they could keep their routine.

While I was gone, Vicki kept me informed of all that was going on with the dogs, and also with my household staff, and completely took responsibility for the workings of the house, as well as my dogs. She oversaw a small construction project going on at my house – which of course should have been finished before I left and wasn’t-making sure that everyone was doing was they were supposed to. When the dogs found a toad in the back yard, and needed immediate veterinary attention, Vicki took care of it, washing their mouths with a hose until someone was able to take her to the vet . . . she did such a good job that the vet really didn’t need to do much. She even walked by big 80 pound bulldog back from the vet a couple times – not an easy task!

Since the first time that Vicki looked after my dogs and my house I have contracted her a number of times. I now actually enjoy traveling, as I know when I go that my house and my dogs are in great hands. Actually, the dogs even look better when I get home. Their coats shine, their energy is happy, and I even find that they are better behaved when I get home. For example, the dogs now wait and then roll over when they first come in the door so that she can clean their paws. Wow! Oh, and ‘’did I mention that Vicki even found a cheaper source of dog food for me?  She saved me over $20 for 1 bag!

It is wonderful to be able to get away, and wonderful to walk into the house and find everything just perfect. Vicki even had my bedroom aired out the day I arrived!

Thank you so much Vicki!

Brenda - Escazu, Costa Rica
(NOTE:  I've helped out Brenda & her family WELL over a dozen times!)


To Whom it may concern, It is very seldom now days, to have someone meet your expectations. I have very high standards and not only did Vicki Skinner meet my expectations, she amazed me with all she did for me and my 3 high needs pets.

I was so happy with Vicki when I used her the first time that I was of course happy to use her again 3 months later on my next trip.

All 3 of my pets had become ill since the first time Vicki had watched them and I had no concern as to how good their care would be with Vicki.

The first time I was gone for almost 3 weeks. When I returned I was so happy and even surprised to find my pets freshly shampooed - even my cat!  My one cat had never been shampooed and Vicki even said Willow was no problem to bathe.

Willow is my scardy cat, she hides from most people. Whenever Vicki has come to the house, Willow comes out, wanting and even crying for Vicki to massage her.
I even got reports from my landlord, how while I was gone, Vicki would take Buddy, my Black Lab, out for walks and ball throwing time 3-4 times a day. She did not have to do this and I had not expected it of her, I would have never known and Buddy was so happy.

I also needed to have my Vet come check up on the pets while I was away and my vet told me when I returned, how pleased she was at how Vicki was taking such good care of my pets and how much healthier and thinner Buddy looked (he was on a regime to loose weight for his heart, hence why she was taking him out on walks and to play so much).

The second time I had to leave, all 3 pets had to be individually custom feed, homemade food, meds for eye drops, calming meds and antibiotics. She followed all this complex routine. When I returned, they were all recovered and had a good check up from vet. I would have had to cancel my trip, if I had not known they would be fine in Vicki's care.

My house was well kept. It was clean when I returned. Nothing was out of place or taken. I gave Vicki a ride last month, she even rode in the back seat, because my dog Buddy was in the car, so she could sit with him.

Vicki is quick thinking, and just saved the life of a friends dogs life. The dog was in the back yard and had licked a poisonous frog. She washed out it's mouth. Called a taxi and rushed it to a close by vet. The dog lived, because of Vicki's quick thinking and knowledge of what to do and where to go. She has even told me to be aware of certain plants, that are poisonous in this area.

I have 2 cats - 9 and 10 years old, both diabetics and constant upper respiratory infections. My 10 year old black lab Buddy has heart issues. I will continue to use Vicki, whenever I need her services with out hesitation. Please do not hesitate, to ask me any questions you may have.

Cathy - Guachipilin, Costa Rica
(I've helped Cathy & family 4 times)


For an animal lover seeking someone to love your pet like they are the most important thing on the planet, Vicki is your pet giver. She will dote on your pet and be respectful in your home. Let her know how much or how often you want to know about how your animal is doing, she is 100% devoted.

Our dog Casper is terrorized by thunder and even rain, Vicki went to great lengths to make him feel better.

In a nutshell, if you want someone to care for your dog like you would (even their crazy idiosyncrasies) or even better than you would, look no further.
Lisa - Heredia, Costa Rica


 can enthusiastically recommend Vicki Skinner as a pet-sitter based on her obvious love of animals and dogs in particular, and also based on her care of my dog (and house) for one month.  She did an excellent job on both counts.  

A bonus is that I noticed my dog was changed for the better after being in Vicki's care for an extended period.  
She was more trusting and affectionate...the attention Vicki showered on her made her a better dog and it has been a permanent result of time spent with Vicki.  Not only did Vicki improve her socializing but she worked on a couple commands that needed attention and I could see that "Leica" learned her lessons well -- in particular the "stay" command which was new to her.  Vicki successfully cemented it into her thinking -- both a verbal and hand signal.  

Also, Leica learned some new games from Vicki, like "catch" the ball which is now a permanent part of playtime.  
She also got a new, very durable "bone" from Vicki that she hasn't been able to chew up with her powerful jaws (Staffordshire Bull Terrior) after one year!  

Vicki was also attentive to her general health: vigilant about fleas, ticks and other pests; bathed her, brushed her and even massages!  
Besides all this she supplemented her diet with virgin coconut oil and a bit of vinegar in her water to correct her ph balance.  

Vicki did many other things for Leica in my absence that I have either forgotten after one year or that I didn't hear about.  
Vicki is a very generous person with both animals/dogs and humans and you can feel very comfortable and confident leaving your pet (and house) in her alert and capable care.

When I first met Leica she was a rambunctious puppy that just wanted to share love & show her enthusiasm to everyone around!
I was exciting for me to help her channel that puppy energy!!

Leica also got REALLY scared by the high winds we were having so I put on my handy dandy "Thunder Shirt" I brought & with that - added with some 
Lavender oil on the soles of her paws, a dab on the top (so she could sniff it) & a dab massaged inside her ears - added to both using the Massage Glove I brought & holding her & giving her Massages - she was calm in no time.

She also would attack her food as so many dogs would but Brenda (above) had taught me a trick to get them to sit & wait till you said "OK" & moved your hand up.  
In no time she had it down (she's a smart girl!!).

 She caught on to "Fetch" & "Catch" real fast when she learned her reward for returning the ball to me would be a massage so she'd proudly bring it (she preferred oranges from her garden to play with) back, she'd immediately roll on her back & demand a Belly Massage!!

Linda - Santa Barabara de Heredia


Letting a stranger into my house is not a thing I do often. But I would never hesitate to give the keys to the most valuable things I have to Vicki. (Pets and house) She cared for my cats and my house as good as you can ever expect.  Highly recommended.
Lars - Santa Ana




(I'm mentioning these because they've come up in the past)

•  NO houses with noticeable MOLD (I'm HIGHLY allergic to mold)

•  NO houses that have been broken into or Home Invasioned in the past year

•  NO houses with lots of drama - be it between staff or neighbors

•  NO noisy houses
(be it lots of animals barking•making noise or a continuously noisy neighborhood or construction.  I'm ALL about keeping a calm environment for EVERYONE)

•  I have a torn meniscus in my knee so no real uneven streets or hilly areas if I'm needing to walk your dog or walk to get to a bus or places.  This also means no hard to walk•control dogs.

•   If you're in an away•removed from it all area (buses/civilization), you'll need to have a friend willing to come get me & take me into town once a week or provide money for me to get a taxi into town once a week.

•  NO area with Fer de Lance Snakes

Some people may see all this as being too demanding & that's TOTALLY OK - because if they can't see the VALUE • what ALL they get having me stay with, give love to & watch over their babies - it's definitely not the situation I care to be in - so LOTS of success finding the situation•person that works for you - THANX for looking elsewhere!!!
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