Vicki Skinner 
(aka “THE Sarong Goddess”)

from a 6 month Pet Sitting gig in Mexico City - 
here for you & your Fur Babies!!!!

Helping your babies feel SECURE & LOVED while you're away

Fur Babies that freak out from Thunder, Fireworks & strong winds.
Spoiled pampered babies 
Fur-babies that need extra attention because of physical or medical issues
because your babies receive:
•  2-10+* MASSAGES a DAY
•  Get to sleep with me (if that's their norm)
•  Receive LOTS of Time • POSITIVE Reinforcement
Words •
Feedback • LOVE & MORE!!!

Please email me your DETAILED Request
explaining your situation & needs (including feeding times, challenges, medicines, "issues"/potential challenges), dates (& if there's some flexibility with it), ease of getting around, location, etc. (there's no such thing as too much information to me!!  I LOVE clarity!).  Have any pictures??!!
Email me at:


LovingYourPetHouseSitting.com  •  fb.com/LovingYourPetHouseSitting

Who Are We

Below is my LONG DETAILED description of things!!  I write this out as I LOVE situations that are clear as I find EVERYONE has a WAY better situation – especially because most people I’ve house and pet sat for have had some less than positive situations in the past with other sitters and many of the situations could have been avoided with clear communications.

(aka "THE Sarong Goddess")

The founder of “Loving Your Pet House Sitting” - is me - Vicki Skinner (aka "THE Sarong Goddess" [I have pictures of me wearing Sarongs at my parties in college]).  I've had a love of "animals" all my life - BUT - because for 5 years I had a guest house in Escazu & basically was glued to the property & working 15-20 hours a day - I'm in a space of being a more free Spirit loving traveling around - hence it wouldn't be fair for me to have any "pets".  

So I get the best of all worlds by getting to hang out & lovin' on your Fur Family while getting to explore new areas around Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Mexico City & the U.S.!!! (& wherever anyone else needs me!!)

I've lived in Costa Rica for over 12 years.  Before that - my "Heart Home" of the Sarasota/Venice, Florida area (if ever I return to the U.S. it WILL be here or Gulfport where I'm feeling drawn to!!  They're all on the West/Gulf/BEAUTIFUL coast of Florida) & before that - San Diego, San Francisco (17 years DOWNTOWN), San Fernando Valley, Beverly Hills (the first place I started to House & Pet Sit) & I grew up 10 minutes from Disneyland & Newport Beach in Orange County (the Orange/Tustin area).

I'm the author of
a popular • high Google ranking English Information Blog helping make people’s lives easier in Costa Rica that I've been doing as a labor of love for over 10 years (these days it receives over 22,000 Page Views a month.  In Costa Rica's hey-day, it was as much as 37,000 Page Views)!  Unfortunately it was "kidnapped" a couple years ago but I still spend much of my day helping & connecting people around Costa Rica!!

I've also been a "Warden" for the U.S. Embassy for a few years ("Wardens" are basically the eyes & ears of their community - though in my case - I'm not just for my community (Escazu for over 11 years) but being a "Connector" - I tend to help people from all over Costa Rica!!!)

The point with sharing these is I'm ESTABLISHED and known and I'm not going anywhere yet nor will I do anything to bring anything but love to your Fur Family - or hurt my reputation!!  

I'm also not someone mainly doing the Pet Sitting & House Sitting to give them a free place to stay while they spend most of their day exploring away from your house like many of the freebies are.

My passion in life as far back as I can remember is Gathering and Sharing Information - and CONNECTING people – and helping Fur Babies feel more secure while you're away by sharing LOTS of LOVE to fur babies that can use some extra attention for awhile – for whatever their needs are!   I share this with my BIG heart and magical hands to help your fur family feel more secure while you’re away (ESPECIALLY helpful for Rescue animals that already probably have double abandonment issues).

For 5 years I had a guest house • retreat property • Self-Empowerment workshop space and holistic well-being space in Escazu (the Fountains [aka House of Connections and House of Self Empowerment]) but I closed it in 2010 in part to get a break from the working 20 hours a day as well as to get out & about & explore Costa Rica!!

I've literally sold just about everything in a 6,000 sq'/6 bedroom house and am down to just 5 suitcases that are stored in Escazu (my main base) and now I'm free to explore different parts of Costa Rica and I also am splitting my time between Costa Rica and in between gigs - in Nicaragua!!  (though I admit I STILL have a special place in her heart for Escazu - ESPECIALLY San Antonio!!)


Since Pet/House Sitting is by "Love Offering" (how would you like to show your appreciation for what I'm doing for your family?), some of the other things I assist people with around the world:

I LOVE gathering and sharin' info and making Lists of info for those living in, thinking of moving to & those traveling around Costa Rica!!  Since it's not so easy finding DETAILED information in Costa Rica, I've been compiling info to assist with peoples ease in finding things!!  This blog seems to have developed into one of the top English Information sites in CR!!  It's often is one of the TOP 1-10 sites when you're Google Search!!!
(22,000+ "Views" a MONTH!!!)


Facebook is one of THE BEST ways to promote your business because if you have someone that KNOWS Facebook & is creative/thinks outside the box - you can REALLY expand your audience!  That's where WE come in!!!
(click above to see some samples of pages I'm working on)


I seem to be spending part of my time in Nicaragua these days (nearly 3 months this year!) so I've been gathering info & LOTS of pictures on everything from:
How to do the Costa Rica - Nicaragua Border Crossing  •  San Juan del Sur  •  Isla Ometepe  •  Rivas  •  Granada
Check out this site for links to the various sites:


Do you have a vacation rental Condo or Villa - or a Hotel?  
Are you new to this - or - could you use some help making sure it's up to the rental markets standards?  Are you sending good/clear responses?  Do you have a contract that protects you?  Are you listed in the key places & know other places to promote yourself?  How's your AirBnB or VRBO description or Facebook Page (CRUCIAL)?  
I've been in marketing/promotions/p.r. for over 30 years & tourism for over 20 years
& I think outside the box!!! 

Also, I can come into your property at the beginning or end of Season & do a detailed inventory & assessment of things you need • might want to have to have your place  ready to show how Customer Service-oriented you are & how you stand out amongst all the other vacation rental properties.  
How do your beds feel?  Is the air-conditioner or fan actually hitting them?
Do you have a sive to get the seeds out of the fruit so they can make delicious fruit drinks?
Do you have a binder with menus, tour info, English-speaking taxi drivers, various services from English-speaking doctors & dentists for emergencies, to other local contacts, markets, etc.?
& how are your reviews (I've been in the TOP 5% of most popular contributors from the San Jose Costa Rica province on TripAdvisor for quite some time!!  I write great DETAILED reviews!!


I’m also a great organizer - especially of other people’s stuff!!!  Cupboards•Closets, Files, your Life . . . I have LOTS of contacts & if I don't, I'm quite good at tracking things/people down - CONNECTING people!!!

I mainly speak English (well - I habla "Vicklish" - a funnier version of Spanglish) and I can more or less do basic communications with staff - but if you need more habla Español - I may not be your gal!
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